We want to thank you for your support in making Tallahassee PRIDEFEST 2018 possible. It COULD NOT happen without YOU! Tallahassee PRIDEFEST 2018 begins on April 14th and runs through April 21st with the premier event being Pride in the Plaza. Details about all of the events can be found at www.tallahasseepride.com and on Facebook or Twitter.

This page contains important information that we believe you should know as you prepare for Pride in the Plaza on April 21st. We have vendors coming in from great distances, and our goal is for you to be as successful as possible!



Beginning just before noon on Saturday, April 21st, people will begin to enter Kleman Plaza in downtown Tallahassee, and join together to celebrate their pride. This year’s event promises to be larger, with even more attendees than last year. You and your organization are crucial to making this event a success. In fact, we have more vendors this year than ever before!

In order to maximize your exposure, vendors are encouraged to make their booths as interactive as possible.  Games, drawings, give-a-ways, and the like are encouraged.  If you have a drawing or other give-a-way, please let us know so that we can “call you out” from the stage. Also key to drawing attention to your booth is signage (banners, etc.) and decorations. Make sure they see you. If you catch their eye as they walk by, they are MUCH more likely to stop.

We will be doing our part to encourage attendees to visit your booths. If you let us know about any specials, raffles, etc. going on at your booth, our emcee will announce that throughout the afternoon. Sponsors will also receive additional “shout-outs,” including a personal visit by the emcee, perhaps even a “live remote” from your booth.


Kleman Plaza – Downtown Tallahassee (306 S. Duval Street, between College Avenue and Pensacola Street, behind Tallahassee City Hall). The roads in this area are one-way, so be mindful when navigating. College Avenue between Duval Street and Bronough Street will likely be closed due to local construction activity. Additionally, the right lane of Duval Street may also be closed due to local construction activity.


When you arrive at the plaza, please check in at The Family Tree’s booth (the booth closest to the rotunda).  After you are checked in, a volunteer will be able to direct you to your assigned tent/booth space.  If you are bringing your own supplies (i.e. tent, chairs, tables) there will be a space marked off for you.  Please make every effort to stay confined to that space.

You will need to bring weights to hold down your tent.  The use of stakes is not permitted.

You can enter the plaza as early as 9:00am on Saturday morning and must be completely setup by 11:30am.  The event starts at 12pm.  We are encouraging everyone to park in the parking garage (which is an underground garage beneath the Plaza) upon arrival and unload from your car in that area.  However, if unloading is not possible from the garage, a loading zone will be available in the left-hand lane of Duval Street behind the Challenger Learning Center.  This area will be marked with signage.  If you choose to use the loading zone, please unload quickly, move your vehicle, then check-in and setup to allow space for others to do the same.  Vehicles left in the loading zone for more than 20 minutes may be towed at owner’s expense.  Should you require an earlier setup time due to the complexity of your booth, please e-mail admin@tallahasseepride.com no later than April 20th to schedule a time.

All location requests are being reviewed.  Several of you have requested specific booth locations due to staffing requirements and other considerations.  We are trying our hardest to make sure that all of these requests are accommodated.  Please forgive us if we are unable to grant your request.

Upon check-in, you will be given a brief survey to fill out.  We want to continue to make Tallahassee PRIDEFEST a great event and we want your feedback on how the day goes.  Please be honest on this form and don’t just say “I had fun” or “it was good.”  No matter how “great” the event was… there is always room for improvement.  We’re asking the vendors/sponsors these questions because you will be there all day and you will be able to see what goes on from beginning to end.

During the event, if you need something, look for someone in an AQUA-colored Tallahassee PRIDEFEST T-shirt (they will say Staff on the back).

Between now and the event, should you have an IMMEDIATE need, please call one of the numbers noted below.  If no one answers, leave a clear, detailed message and you will get a return call as soon as possible.  Please be mindful that there are numerous events going on this week and we may be getting a significant number of calls so it may take several hours to get back to you.

  • Joshua Willoughby, Festival Director: 850-694-2092 (cell)
  • Andy Janecek, Sponsor and Vendor Coordinator: 850-445-4909 (cell)
  • Steven Hall, Chairman of Host Organization: 850-566-2241 (cell)


  1. We have a full day of entertainment planned for the day. Please do not use radios, etc. in your booth, unless you have specifically been given permission in advance.
  2. In the event that there are protesters at our event, please find an event volunteer or inform a staffer at The Family Tree’s booth and make us aware of the situation. Please do not deal with the situation yourself. We want this event to be as comfortable for our patrons, vendors and sponsors as possible.
  3. This time of year Tallahassee often experiences periodic rain showers. If it starts raining, please do not simply pack up and go. Chances are the shower will end shortly without the need to cancel or end the event early. Should the weather be prolonged or heavy showers/lightning are expected, the event coordinators will announce if the event will end early or be delayed.
  4. Unless consent has been given from the coordinators of the event, please do not offer food products at your booth. Food Vendors will be available for people to purchase food items from. Candy, gum, etc. are perfectly fine.
  5. Any vendor or sponsor selling goods at the event is responsible for ensuring that they have obtained the appropriate license, and insurance as applicable, to do so. Event staff may request that you provide a copy of your valid sales and use tax certificate, business license and/or any other required regulatory documentation, as appropriate. All vendors are responsible for the collection and reporting of state and local sales tax. If you have questions regarding what may be required, contact the appropriate state or local regulatory entity or board (such as the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation, the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, the City of Tallahassee, etc.).
  6. Vendors must offer all patrons sales receipts with contact name and phone number clearly printed or stamped on the sales receipt.
  7. We try our very hardest to keep this event appropriate for the entire family. Please do not display anything that could be deemed inappropriate.
  8. Vendor fees will not be refunded if the festival must be cancelled due to inclement weather, acts of God, or any other circumstances deemed necessary by the event coordinator, City of Tallahassee, or The Family Tree.
  9. Alcohol may only be consumed within the designated bar area. Alcohol may not be sold or distributed by any vendor, at any time. City police officers will be onsite and will enforce City and other regulations concerning alcohol in a City park. It is understood that alcoholic beverages may be available by nearby restaurants and bars; however, purchase and consumption of those beverages must be limited to those premises and may not be brought into the festival area.
  10. If there is a problem with anything during the day, please find a coordinator and we will make every effort to fix it. We want the day to go as smoothly as possible.
  11. Please always have someone staffing your booth. Neither Tallahassee PRIDEFEST nor The Family Tree will be responsible for lost or stolen goods (we have never had a problem with this… just something we need to say!).
  12. The number one, most important rule… HAVE FUN!


The Pride in the Plaza event is scheduled from noon until 5:30pm.  Starting after 5:30pm, you may begin breaking down your booth.  Please e-mail admin@tallahasseepride.com by April 20th if you anticipate needing to break down prior to 5:30pm.  This may impact your space/booth placement in order to minimize disruption of the event.

Unlike in years past, we only have a small area for load-out due to the breakdown of the sound system and stage.  Please have everything waiting on your vehicle to arrive before pulling it around to the loading area.  For those parking in the underground garage, you can utilize the Plaza’s elevator to take your materials down to your car in one or more trips.  We want this to go as smoothly for everyone as possible.

We will be sending a volunteer around to collect the surveys that you have filled out during the day.  Please make sure that a volunteer has received it or it is returned to The Family Tree’s booth.  Vendors that complete the survey will be offered a special discount for participation in Tallahassee PRIDEFEST 2019.

On behalf of The Family Tree Community Center, Inc. and the Tallahassee PRIDEFEST 2018 Planning Committee, we would like to say thank you for your involvement in this year’s Pride in the Plaza.  This year, we have strived to make this event the best Tallahassee has ever seen.  This would not have been possible without you!