Tents_TP2007Tallahassee PRIDEFEST is an annual celebration of the rich diversity of the greater Tallahassee area. PRIDEFEST is more than a festival; it provides the LGBT and allied community with a chance to come together, united, to promote peace and understanding, and to educate the rest of the community about the importance of diversity, acceptance, and equality.

Faust_TP2008Pride celebrations largely started as a result of the Stonewall riots of 1969, as annual commemorations, and increased after the assassination of Harvey Milk in 1978. These commemorations came to be known as “Gay Freedom Day” or “Gay Liberation Day” events, started growing and becoming far more than a march or rally. The events gave a face and a voice to LGBT issues and rights. Eventually these celebrations became known as “Gay Pride” or more commonly today, just Pride events. Today’s Pride celebrations combine festive, flamboyant theatrics like floats, dancers, music, drag queens, and drag kings with religious and political elements such as politicians, open and affirming religious groups, LGBT political organizations, and supportive businesses.

Planning Meeting 11292012Since the early-90’s, Tallahassee has had Pride festivals or parties in some form or fashion every year. In 2008, Tallahassee PRIDEFEST changed dramatically, coming “out of the closet,” moving from an afternoon festival in Tom Brown Park, to a week (plus) long celebration with events throughout Tallahassee. Each successive year, PRIDEFEST continues to evolve, bringing ever more creative and impressive events to Tallahassee, providing our community with an outlet where they can be themselves, accepted and loved, without fear of reproach.

Tallahassee PRIDEFEST is organized by the Pride and Visibility Committee of The Family Tree Community Center. The mission of The Family Tree is to provide services which promote the well-being of LGBT individuals, to work to eliminate the conditions in society which allow homophobia to exist and to be a place where everyone is welcome. The Family Tree is a non-profit organization driven by volunteers and a board of directors representing the needs of the local LGBT community.


  • TallahasSee Pride, TallahasSee Love (2020-21)
  • Pride Without Walls (2019)
  • United by Pride (2018)
  • Pride. Unity. Strength. Hope. (2017)
  • Stand Up, Step Out (2016)
  • I Do! (2015)
  • Feel the Love (2014)
  • Celebrate Pride in US (2013)
  • Powered by Pride (2012)
  • Educate. Liberate. Celebrate. (2011)
  • Show Your True Colors (2010)
  • Live Out, Live Loud, Live Proud (2009)
  • Celebrate Your Identity (2008)

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