Why Sponsor Tallahassee Pridefest?

Tallahassee PRIDEFEST 2019 brought about a record number of sponsors and contributions. This year, the Pride Planning Committee has set their sponsorship goal even higher to ensure that PRIDEFEST 2020 is the largest and most diverse celebration that Tallahassee has ever experienced. Through the generous sponsorships of corporations, businesses, and individuals, we are confident that we will meet our goal and bring a PRIDEFEST to Tallahassee that will greatly increase awareness, advocacy, and promote equal rights for all. Your sponsorship of PRIDEFEST 2020 will result in enhanced visibility and brand loyalty for your corporation or business among the LGBT community. We invite you to take a moment to review our sponsorship packages and hope that you will consider becoming a sponsor of Tallahassee PRIDEFEST 2020.


PRIDEFEST is made up of a week-long series of events, which will culminate in an all-day downtown festival, featuring live entertainment with an expected attendance of over 4,000 from all over the surrounding area. Your presence at this event is your business’ opportunity to personally reach out and make a connection with all of those in attendance. Depending on your sponsorship level, your company’s name or logo will be included on advertisements and in publications advertising PRIDEFEST.

Tax Benefits

The Family Tree, the organization behind PRIDEFEST, is a 501(c)3, not-for-profit organization. This means that a portion of your sponsorship may be tax deductible.

Community Support

Each month, The Family Tree helps hundreds of local LGBT community members by providing a safe space for groups to meet, referral services, and providing counseling, as well as discussion groups. The Family Tree is also home to North-Florida’s largest collection of LGBT literature, available at no cost to the public. Your sponsorship not only helps with the funding of PRIDEFEST, it also helps to provide these vital services to the members of the LGBT community on a daily basis.